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Steveston, where many Japanese Canadians live, is a harbour village with lots of fresh seafood available. ICHIRO JAPANESE RESTAURANT serves fresh seafood cuisine from Japan, all around Vancouver Island and the coast. We hope you enjoy our authentic Japanese food. Thank you!

Our Services

Utilization of quality control

How important is sashimi quality to us? Usually, many sushi restaurants only have regular freezers (kept up to -20C). We keep frozen sashimi in a specialty freezer (kept at -60C). We are the only sushi restaurant in the Vancouver area that have this specialty appliance.

Fresh local ingredients

We are committed to serve you fresh local ingredients such as sea urchin, sweet shrimp, oyster etc.


Fresh fish and Wagyu beef transported directly from Japan. The quality of our seaweed is kept using a thermal storage device to keep the flavour and crispness of the product.

Sushi rice

Our sushi rice is made using high-grade rice vinegar, sea salt and filtered water cooked in a specialty rice-cooker.

Japanese methods

We go the extra mile to prepare our sushi using traditional Japanese methods.

Original recipe

Many of our sauces are made in-house from our own original recipes. Our broth is prepared fresh daily using Hokkaido kelp, bonito, and thick cut mackerel.

Our Staff and “Washoku”

Ichiro has been in business for over 14 years in this location, building connections with our local community as well as our Japanese neighbours over-seas. Japanese owned and operated, our chefs have years of previous training in Japan and continues to share their knowledge with our dedicated kitchen team. Our service manager trains our front of house staff in Japanese hospitality, also referred to as “OMOTENASHI”.  We hope to bring you the most authentic “WASHOKU” (Japanese traditional cuisine) experience possible.



Our Team




Sherry has work in the hospitality industry as a manager and restaurant consultant for working for over 25 years in Canada. In more recent years, she has managed a number of Japanese restaurants in town which has attracted the attention of locals and tourists here in Richmond. She is aware of what is important for the staff, customers and this industry.



executive chef

Koji worked as a cook in a Kappo style restaurant in Hokkaido for 10 years, then proceeded to work as a Chef in a very famous hotel in the Northeast part of Japan for another 10 years. Now he has become Ichiro’s own highest skilled Chef after moving to Canada. He is very skilled with an impressive ability to create brand new material in the workplace.



Torimoto is our supervisor and has worked as a chef in Toronto for 10 years and in Vancouver for 15 years. He is skilled in many areas in the kitchen, specifically Sushi, Sashimi, Robata, Washoku, and many more. Although quiet, he cares for the staff and is there to resolve any personal conflicts that may occur.


Hall manager

Marie has worked in the restaurant business for over 10 years as a server. Her goal is to present the Japanese culture of hospitality service (OMOTENASHI) to Canadians. Marie always has a smile on her face and greets the customer with upmost care. She is someone that regular customers look forward to seeing and catching up with every visit.




Yamaguchi has had experience as a Japanese chef for over 40 years in Japan, Hawaii and Canada with excellent Japanese-style hospitality. Before working at Ichiro, he worked as a general manager at a long-established Japanese restaurant and a luxury hot spring hotel in Gunma, Japan. His hope is to provide customers with the best Japanese food and top skills with warm greetings.
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